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ATB Internet Group is now offering professional website content writing services to our clients. Most business owners don’t realize that the words on their website are a direct reflection of their business. In fact, most business owners that we meet have a hard time explaining what they do and how they do it. We know this sounds silly but it’s the truth. Business owners are so busy making sure their company runs effectively that they seldom sit down to think about explaining their concept on paper. Go to any one of your competitor’s websites right now and we can guarantee that their text copy sounds like a book report. They want to tell you everything but the words rarely speak directly to their customers or potential customers.

The art of writing website content is an art. We have many years of experience interviewing hundreds of business owners and extracting the thoughts and ideas that can create fresh quality content for your customers. Years ago, large companies would try to fool Google with Search Engine Optimization tricks and offer those tricks as a monthly service. Google got smart and started penalizing these websites and their customer’s websites in the search results. These days, Google and the other search engines crave unique content about your business and services. There are no more tricks and when your customer visits your website, they want to be directed.

If you own a business and can’t seem to find the time or energy to write your own website content, we can help. Our Web Consultants and Content Managers can work with you to create the proper message. We can write the text copy that will go on the pages of your website and we can even write periodic blogs that will help your business climb in search engines.

Once we understand you, your business and most importantly your customer, we can then develop a clear plan and find the words together.

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